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Five things that the film tells and did not happen in the life of Freddy Mercury

freddie mercury bohemian rhapsody movie

The hit movie Bohemian Rhapsody recounts the life of Freddy Mercury but there are five things that did not happen.

1. The formation of the band

History of the film: Freddie Mercury and Brian May met in 1970. The band Smile was not convinced by Mercury’s talent.
Real story: Freddie Mercury was a fan of the band Smile and when the vocalist left the group, Mercury joined them.

2. When Mercury met Hutton

Story of the movie: They met at a party at Mercury’s house where Hutton was the waiter.
Real story: They met at a bar.

3. Disease notification

History of the film: Mercury informs his bandmates that he was infected with AIDS before the Live Aid concert.
Real story: Freddie knew about his illness until 1987 and announced it to the world one day before his death.

4. 1985 Live Aid Concert

History of the film: The band participated after a long season without meeting.
Real history: The band was coming from a world tour after the presentation of their most recent album.

5. The separation of the band

History of the film: Freddie Mercury upon learning of his illness spent his last days partying distancing himself from the band. He even became a soloist.
Real story: The band started working on personal projects.

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